The Film Crew.

Independent Film & Photo Production Crew and Studio based in Zürich, Switzerland.

We love planing, finding ideas, scripting, filming and editing since 2013.

And we love chocolate!

Westpoint Film Production Crew sitting at a long wooden table with camera gear in hands
Urs Ruegg, Westpoint Founder and Owner

Urs Rüegg
Owner / Producer


Westpoint GmbH is owner-managed by its founder Urs Rüegg. Urs also acts as Producer for the most productions made by Westpoint, and still takes on the role of DoP and Editor in many projects.

Headshot of Gian-Luca Bisaz, Westpoint Production Manager

Gian-Luca Bisaz
Production Manager


Gian-Luca is the organisational brain of Westpoint Films. He’s managing the whole logistics behind a shoot, including handling the equipment, caring for the crew, scouting for locations and managing transportation.

Headshot of Alex Pushyn, Westpoint Editor and Cameraman

Alex Pushyn
Camera / Editor


As a Camera Operator and Editor, Alex is filling scenes with good light, making sure cameras are up and running seamlessly on every shoot, editing footage in Post Production to the next level, adding that special note with animations.

Headshot of Christian Dancker, Westpoint Photographer

Christian Dancker


Christian is Westpoint’s Corporate Photographer, busy taking pictures from events, people, cars and airplanes on a daily basis. You can find his work on our separate website at www.saltyimages.ch

Westpoint Films consists of a small crew of multi talented people, working in-house at our studio in Zürich, Switzerland, as well as on a freelance basis hired for specific projects.

We have two Camera Operators, two Editors, a Production and Location Manager, an Animation Guy, Sound Technician, Gaffer and Photographer.